6 Benefits of Planning a Team Building Event

Team Building Event
Learn the Benefits of Planning an Effective Team Building Event

Whether you shudder at the thought or look forward to it, a team building event forms a regular part of company life – and for very good reasons, too. Whether through practical tasks or topic discussion, these types of events are planned because of the way they indirectly help with achieving business goals and helping to reach new heights of profit.

As a manager, you may feel that you should budget for a team building exercise for your team because you’ve heard that many businesses do this and a little something about the benefits of team building, but are not sure exactly how it will help. You know that it should involve something challenging – and possibly even fun.

But…exactly why are team building events seen as an essential part of a business’ investments and why should you, as a manager, bother planning one for your staff? Here are five very key reasons to how it can help your team and your business.

  1. Understand Each Other’s Strengths

You rarely speak with that lady who works in finance and can’t really see what she brings to the team. However, as part of a team building day, you now find that you’ve been chosen to pair up with her to build a model boat. During the activity, you find that she is very good at thinking on her feet and together, you somehow build it before everyone else. Suddenly, you start thinking that you’ve misunderstood her at work and, the following week, you find communication with her easier – all because of that one activity you did together.

Team building goes a long way to getting to know other staff and understanding the strengths they bring to your team, which forms part of the back line for working towards business goals.

 2. Boosts Staff Morale

Working on the same duties each week can become a bit mundane for staff, and business goals can get lost among all of the daily duties and departmental pressures.

Providing your team building event can help to give staff something to look forward to – providing they’ve been consulted about what they would like to do!

  1. Motivation

Taking time out of the office to do something different and energising can bring a renewed sense of motivation. When your team members can see that you’re willing to give them a little extra and listen to their views, they’ll feel motivated to work harder. They’ll be able to see their part in the bigger picture and return to work with greater motivation.

4. Resolves Negative Feelings Among Colleagues

When staff get pushed to work with team members they don’t get on well with, it encourages them to communicate and establish some civil conversation. An activity or game can help to break the ice between colleagues who may not always see eye-to-eye.

5. Increases Productivity

 Research has proven that staff are a lot more productive after working together on activities outside of work in a different environment. This means elevating motivation among staff which penetrates through to other aspects – better customer service, or a more positive working environment.

The result of a team building is the long-term goal in boosting the productiveness of staff and the overall departmental targets.

  1. Opens Up Communication

Place people into a different environment or take them out of their comfort zone and it will change the way they speak or behave.

This might take the form of being reluctant to act at first, or it could give the quiet guy in accounts the chance to show everyone how fast he can run in the team race.

More than this, it can create a chance for staff to be in a relaxing state of mind which, when talking about the business, may make staff feel at ease to open up about ways that processes can be improved.

There are other benefits that come with planning these sorts of activities for your staff – not to mention a reason to get out of the office, escape the usual tasks and to see everyone in a more fun environment. Give it a go!

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