Only 8% of Freelancers Actually Prefer Remote Working

Despite the freedom remote workers have to work from anywhere they choose, a new study has found that only 8% prefer working complete remote working.

The research, carried out by Qdos Contractors, found that more than two thirds of the freelancers surveyed preferred a combination of working both onsite and from home.

The reasons behind this include the variety of different working environments it brings for freelancers plus the feeling of being visibly part of the team they’re working with.

This research shows that employers’ beliefs that hiring freelancers means they only work from home, is a misconception.

Qdos Contractor CEO, Seb Maley, highlighted the £119bn contribution that contractors and freelancers bring to the UK economy each year.

Mr Maley stated: “Despite the rise of remote working and the opportunity to work from home, many freelancers and contractors enjoy the variety that working onsite with clients and remotely brings, and prefer it.

As a remote worker, what do you prefer? Would you rather have a combination of working in an office with working from home?

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