About Me

virtual assistant essexAbout Me

I know you’re mega busy so I won’t keep you, but thanks for stopping by!

So what would you like to know?

I’m a virtual assistant providing B2B and B2C content writing and event planning.

I love nothing better than being creative with words or organising an event, getting stuck into a new project.

Words are my thing. I like putting them together to let readers know about an interesting piece of news, to provide useful and informative information that inspires or educates.

Creating content that promotes an event to an audience, helps with building your business or gaining new leads is a challenge I love  to take on.

On top of that, l love helping being super-organised to help reduce your workload and stay on top of your projects.

All this with a flexible working schedule and a good cup of coffee in hand.

Freelance Writer

Why is it that some content you’ll keep reading to the end, whereas others you lost interest and drop it like a sack of potatoes?

Content needs to be compelling, inviting and the reader needs a reason to keep reading. It’s up to me to create that for you.

There are stories that need to be told, shared and passed on to others – the one behind your event, brand or business.

Let me share your story.

Areas I especially love are housing, travel and the events industry sector – whether corporate, not-for-profit or cultural.

I’d love to assist your business today.

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