About Me

About Me

I know you’re mega busy so I won’t keep you, but thanks for stopping by!

So what would you like to know?

I’ll start by saying that I love being creative with words, being super-organised, making to-do lists and constantly reading up on how to be more productive and stay motivated – these are also topics I like to write about, too.

From working in a variety of admin roles in the events industry and for a public authority, I wanted to do all this as a virtual assistant to provide you a more flexible way of working, an out-of-hours service and the wonderfulness of working on different projects and co-ordinating many different tasks.

Freelance Writer

I’ve always loved words and the art of putting them together to get across a certain message – whether as a news article, blog post or marketing material for a brand. There are stories that need to be told, to be shared and to be passed on to others.

Travel, culture and working abroad is a great passion of mine, and so it’s of no surprise that this is a topic I love to research and create content about as a freelance writer.

My range of experience in the events sector, not-for-profit, well-being, education and career and employment mean that these are areas I have experience in and can bring a little something to write on each of these topics.

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