Charity Fundraising Appeal to Promote Safer Births

A charity’s nationwide appeal has been launched across the UK with the aim of raising much-needed funds for baby monitoring equipment to help mums and their newborn babies.
The equipment plays a major part in helping to encourage normal births, cut down on stillbirth and to prevent serious health issues, such as brain damage. Mother and baby charity, Baby Lifeline works towards supporting mums and their babies with getting the best possible care, to reduce and prevent the number of stillbirths.
The campaign has been in created in response to Baby Lifeline’s huge funding requests – of a record £4.5 million – from NHS units for equipment to help monitor births. As well as equipment, requests have been made to fund the specialised training staff need to use the equipment and make sure they can provide a high quality and effective level of care for new mums and their little ones.
Since its formation in 1981, the renowned charity has raised more than £10 million towards life-changing equipment and monitors, which has significantly helped to lower the chances of babies being born prematurely or with brain damage.
For more information about the campaign or to donate, go to: or go to Just Giving to find out how you can help fundraise!