Content Writer

Content Writer

Help finding the right words to add magic to what you do.

I help startups, eco-brands, tech and wellbeing businesses put together engaging content that builds awareness, conveys a message and brings in new leads.

Quality content needs the right message, plus it takes a lot of time to put together, to manage on a regular basis. That’s why 84% of marketers surveyed outsource their content creation to a professional content writer. 

What do i write about?

Sustainability & Green Living

Tech, including edu-tech and gadgets for the hospitality and event industries

Business & Entrepreneur writing


Email: Call: 07412 585036

Sustainability Writer

Do you have an eco-friendly product that could help the environment?

Want to promote your product through content and wondering where to start? 

I can help you write engaging stories, case studies, reports and marketing content that gets across your eco-friendly message and brings people to you.

Technology Content Writer

Got a tech product that needs explaining in a way your audience can understand?

Get help with showcasing the benefits to make your business STAND OUT!

More than this, it can encourage your readers to take action. So that you can grow your business.

Content & Copywriting | Proofreading

Tech Copywriting - Articles, blog posts and longform copy


Content writing, blogging and content creation for sustainability & eco-brands & startups

sustainability copywriting

Career Development & Workplace Culture

Well-Being Startups

edible water bottle

Content Marketing

content writing services

Editing & Proofreading

content writing
"Emma produced a professional blog article on a given subject, which involved research, along with a perfect high-quality Word doc template."
Jon, Creative Director
Stormy Studio
content writing

Why get a content writer onboard?

A professional content writer can..

  • put together useful content that helps customers connect with your business
  • engage customers in your product or service
  • provide your customers with value
  • put your business forward as an expert in its industry

It’s important to get the right content that gets your message across to your audience. Great content writing is important because it shows professionalism and gets the EXACT message across to your audience waking them up like a cold shower.

Content writing that refreshing, well-written, intriguing and valuable. When your readers can relate to you, be moved by the story behind your business, they will be with you. And they will return for more.

It’s all about having content that rocks to the beat of your business.

“Emma provides features and profile pieces for our turf care magazine every month, producing excellent and, at times, thought-provoking pieces about our annual conference summit, aspects of career development and case studies.”
content writing services
Director, Martin Smart
Turf Business
content writing
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