Content Writer and Proofreader

Stuck on where to start with promoting your service or event to the world?  

You have a story to tell, and that story will sell your brand or service and get new leads. But you don’t know how to tell the story or where to begin.

You have an event coming up and you just need to get the word out – but you don’t know where to start!

You know how much impact decent content for  your brand – whether on your website, latest brochure or marketing material can have on your business. The right kind  of content writer, hired when you need them most, can be an asset.

When it comes to your website content, a professional, stylised report or an infographic, the messages and words are everything,. All of these can be styled to your ideal audience reading and interested enough to turn into great leads. Writing, editing and polishing your content is just the first part – providing content of real value to your audience is the start of a journey with people who will go on to become long-term customers.                      

But how do you get the right writing done so that it will bring you results? Giving your target audience an answer to their question, a solution to their problem or a unique service can help bring you new leads that convert into genuine customers.

That’s what every business wants, at the end of the day. No surprises there – which is why you need a content writer who provides tailored, unique and enthralling content!

You have an event coming up and you need people to come, buy tickets and come through the door. Get the right words with the right graphics that will make people realise they have to go!

I’ll work with you to put together copy that tells the story of your event or service – whether it’s a property for rent or a weekend break package! Help with your:

                                       ✓ Email marketing

                                      ✓ Website copy

                                      ✓ Press releases

                                      ✓ Copywriting for your website, brochure or marketing material

                                      ✓ Infographics

                                     ✓ Social media posts, scheduling content and campaigns

                                     ✓ Website content

                                     ✓ Report writing and formatting

                                     ✓ Editing services

                                     ✓ Proofreading


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