Time Tracking Tools to Manage Your Remote Staff

Time tracking tools

Having a remotely-based team or a virtual assistant is a great asset to your business and bring many benefits, such as saving time and money – as long as it is carefully managed.

Whether your staff are already working remotely or you’re considering this as an option, you may be wondering how to keep a track of the times being worked.

This is where time-tracking tools come in handy.

There are plenty of useful tools available to help track the time your staff are spending on tasks and the hours they’re working.

With software that records hours worked and tasks completed, this makes a significant difference to not only getting a record of hours worked – but getting an analytical breakdown of the hours that are the most productive.

Time is so precious and finding out where it is well-spent or wasted – as well as how wasted time can cost your business money – could be well worth it in the long-term.

Aside from being used to record your staff’s use of time when working remotely, some time-tracking software does even more and can assist with showing when time is spent most productively and how wasted minutes can be better used spent.

Here’s a guide to some effective time tracking software tools that can work for you – whether managing a remote team or running your own business as a virtual assistant:


Simple to sign up, and starting with a free service for up to 5 users, no wonder Toggl is so popular with virtual assistants as a time tracker. There are other premium plans available for more advanced functions or if you have a team. There’s a free 30-day trial for each package and you can switch packages at any time.

Advanced features include importing data, creating easy-to-read reports and analysis of the way that time is being spent with some helpful tips as you your team’s time can be better spent.

Toggl has a range of blog posts and tips around topics such as productivity which can really help to improve aspects of your business.

My Hours
This is a cloud-based tool offering both a free version and a a paid version at either 72 a year or $7 per month. It offers a timer that’s visible on each member of staff’s desktop and can be started and stopped to show the times worked.

Pro benefits offered include invoice templates to easily send out invoices, reports you can create to compare how your staff have spent their time and the ease of looking at all your different projects.

For more information, visit here.


If all you want to do is record time spent on projects and tasks, Asana is a free tool for up to 15 team members to use on an unlimited number of tasks. With the ability track on both open-ended and fixed term projects, giving a detailed breakdown of how time is spent.

For bigger teams, there are premium plans available which offer more customised features, the use of admin controls and the chance to add company branding to the tool.

Time Doctor

This tool offers to take screenshots of work being done as well as recording time. For $9.99 per user, per month, you can get access to a breakdown of time spent on different tasks, on multiple projects and some payroll features. There is also the option to add this as a mobile app.

A bonus is that Time Doctor will give you a little nudge if you find yourself getting distracted with other things!

To find out more, visit here.


Starting from $4.99 per user, per month, offers a web timer that is easy to operate and can be synchronised with your mobile phone, for times you work from your phone.

$10.75 or $22.45 per user per month will bring your team advanced features, including project templates, invoicing and 50 GB of storage.

Paymo also offers accessibility to Gantt charts and other templates with its premium price plan, as well as an informative blog about effective project management.


Another cloud-based time tracking tool that works as a licence that your purchase each year.

For a single user, it’s $19.99 and for 3 users it works out at $18.99 per person, per year.

This time tracked can record the times for tasks on multiple projects and resources, storing them all into one location so they’re easy to access.

For more information, visit Klok.

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