5 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant in 2020

benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

5 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant in 2020

Whether in the park with your children or out for coffee with your laptop, remote working has never been easier or more flexible.

With this trend set to increase three-fold by 2020, it’s becoming a way of working that employers and staff are recognising as achievable and perfectly possible in many industries and roles.

Catching up to trends in the US, more British businesses are now looking to outsource their services, from customer service to administration, to self-employed skilled virtual assistants.

Of course, it’s not possible for every job, but when it comes to roles in the office, community or project management, it can work very effectively for businesses and their short and long-term goals.

Yet, many employers still don’t realise the real benefits of hiring somebody to work for them virtually. There is still the long-held belief that, somehow, there is a loss of face-to-face communication, ideas-sharing or efficiency that somebody physically present in the office can provide.

This isn’t necessarily the case, though.

With technology so advanced, there are some great ways of maintaining communication with staff, as well as the option combining remote working with occasional trips into the office.

Here are 5 business benefits to hiring virtual assistants – a modern way of working set to increase and become a new norm:

Only Pay for the Hours you Need

Did you know that, according to research, full-time members of staff are only productive for just over two thirds of the time they are in the office?

Whereas permanent or office staff are paid for time they may not be working, with virtual staff you only pay for the hours worked.

Yes, a VA might have a higher hourly rate, but for the skills and experience you get, and when weighed up against the costs of paying for annual leave, sick pay and other perks, it can work out well financially.

Get Away from Mundane and Time-Consuming Tasks

Virtual assistants offer a range of different skills and tasks they can fulfil, from the arduous administrative tasks to the tasks to those that require more specialised skills, such as content writing or designing.

These routine or time-consuming tasks can be delegated out to your virtual assistant, which leaves you time to get on with the things on your to-do list that you are really passionate about – and which help build your business!


Save Time on Sorting Out Tax and National Insurance

Many – if not all – virtual assistants are self-employed and take care of their own taxes. This saves you the bother of paying the tax as you would for an employee. All you have to do is keep your own record of payments.

Leaving you more time to get on with the more enjoyable aspects of running your business!


More Flexibility

In the modern working world, sometimes office hours just won’t do.

There are times when you need staff to complete an urgent or unexpected task quickly and it’s time like this your virtual assistant can step in. Many virtual assistants are available during evenings and even on weekends, giving you a wider, more flexible range of working hours.

Saving Costs on Office Space

Unlike paying for an office full of permanent staff, with the electric and stationary costs, hiring virtual staff saves on this.

Need to meet up? Getting together in an ad-hoc location, such as a hotel lobby, can be extremely convenient, not to mention inspiring when not in the confines of an office. There’s always the chance to meet through a conference call of Skype video call if you need a meeting that allows for a more confidential meet-up.



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