As a business, you want to be making money, not mistakes.

The content you use in your business, from the messages you put out there inside your brochures, articles, blog posts, menus, company reports and marketing copy – is what makes your readers sit up and take notice. If it’s filled with typos or grammar errors, your business can fall flat.

And you don’t want that.

Not if  you’re trying to set yourself apart from competitors, build a great reputation and attract new leads.

Proofreading you can rely on

When content is sloppy, poorly written or crammed with mistakes, it can be off-putting for readers.

Many of my clients have found they definitely don’t want that for their business! Not only does it come across as if a business doesn’t care, but it can seem unprofessional and the customer will think ‘if they can’t even write without mistakes, what does that say about their products or services?

You may find that, too.

Proofreading is how I help business owners, start-ups and busy leaders take back their time by making sure the content for their brochure, marketing material, report or e-book is well-written, free of errors and formatted consistently.

Where I can help: 

Reports or formal documents

Training material

E-books, guides or client material

Checking and marking up brochures, marketing materials and other content in pdf format or In-Design, etc

Website content

Articles and blog posts

Quality content means it’s free of errors, is consistent in tone and style and  leaves no typo untouched!