Reasons to Hold Your Team Meeting in a Cultural Venue

Have your next team meeting at a gallery

An increasing number of museums, galleries and cultural hubs are opening their doors for event managers and businesses to hire spaces for business meetings and events.

In the last couple of years, many museums and galleries have faced closure and have had to either introduce entry fees or close down exhibition areas so that they can continue to operate.

To assist with managing more events, museums and other cultural venues are investing in cloud-based technology, according to the report from Priava, a leading cloud-based venue management software company. With the nature of event teams working from various locations, cloud technology means staff can update vital documents wherever they are, helping them run a much more streamlined system..

Hiring spaces to businesses is proving a great way for museums and galleries to boost their income, putting it towards operating costs or investing in new collections. Michael Jeanes, Head of Sales for EMEA at Priava commented, “The physical buildings that house some of the world’s greatest art collections and exhibits are impressive and are perfect venues for hosting meetings and events.

“With increasing pressure on funding, it’s becoming more common for museums and galleries to explore the opportunities of hiring out their spaces.”

Cultural centres leading the way in the use of cloud technology include the Royal Museums at Greenwich, the Royal Airforce Museum and Natural History Museum.
according to the report.

So, why should you plan your next business meeting or event at your local museum or gallery?

Here are some great reasons to do this:


Boosts Staff Creativity

Working and sharing business ideas in a cultural environment is proven to increase staff morale and creativity among staff members. Hiring a space in such a place could prove to generate some ideas amongst your team, rather than remaining in a four-walled, static meeting room.

A Functional Space Which is Otherwise Unused

Spaces in cultural hubs can be open, with suitable facilities already set up, that a team can make great use of. Some museums or galleries also have certain technologies installed that you can make use out of. The diverse use of these venues has opened out and can make staff feel more positive about a team meeting they may not usually look forward to!


Opportunities for Partnership Working

Repeatedly hiring out a local cultural centre may lead to a reduction in hire costs and open an opportunity for longer-term partnership working. Your business can promote the centre through its marketing literature and it can also be a great promotional prospect for your business.

Culture = Increased Productivity

Great art or collections will make a great talking point among your team and may even be key t breaking the ice among staff. Research shows that it can also help staff to feel more at ease and relaxed for their meeting. When staff are relaxed and inspired by culture, it’s proven they are more responsive, proactive and productive in their work.

Supports Local Cultural Institutions

Cultural centres have been one of the first in line when it comes to budget cuts and have struggled to make ends meet in the last few years. A business that uses its local cultural centre shows support of local art and creativity and proves the need for the venues to continue operating.

Why not support your local centre by using it for business purposes?

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