A Water Bottle You Can Eat? Yes, It’s Real

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Company: OOHO

Save On Plastic - Eat Your Water Bottle Instead

edible water bottle
A water bottle you can EAT.

Now that’s a smart solution to the problem of plastic bottles. No more throwing it away, simply eat it as a snack instead.

Sound a bit out there to you?

Let me tell you why it’s not. You see, a bunch of scientists discovered this really cool type of seaweed called Nospla.
It’s stretchy, see-through-ey ness meant that it could be made into different shapes and can easily store liquid.

Rather well, in fact.

So well, that it could be shaped into a container to hold drinks.

They created it and called it Ooho.

If eating Ooho isn’t appealing, simply throw Ooho into the compost, where it will break down in just a few weeks.

No waste, saving the planet and possibly adding nutrition alongside your daily H20.

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