The Hidden Art of the Lash Tweezer

The Hidden Art of the Lash Tweezer

In many people’s minds, tweezers are tweezers and are all generally designed to do the same thing: To shape your eyelashes, fit your eyelash extensions and pluck and contour your eyebrows, right? That may be true, however, what many do not realise is that there are a wide range of different tweezers available to suit different needs and which a variety of techniques can be used to apply eyelashes.

With many different types of tweezers available, knowing and understanding the right kind of tweezer can be tricky. A great deal of money can be investing in a particular set of tweezers, but with a little inside knowledge you can understand which types are designed to achieve different techniques.

As one of the most essential tools in the lash industry, tweezers have different qualities: Some have a sharper edge to help with precision, while others close more tightly than others.

To start with, it’s always best to purchase tweezers made from stainless steel, as others made from nickel or alloys can often irritate the skin or cause a skin reaction.

Rather than simply gripping the tweezers and pulling, there are a number of different techniques involved in the use of tweezers, to get the best use from them. This guide provides a breakdown of the type of tweezers you need for your customers, for each of the different techniques, and what this achieves when applying your false eyelashes to create the perfect lash ‘fan’.

With this advice you can easily complete a set of lovely lashes:

Straight Tweezers

These are the most mainstream type of tweezers which have a straight end and are angled between 30-60 degrees. They are the most popular because due to their fine points, they make it easy to place  individual lashes and separate them out, while the ridges help allow for more grip to hold them in place and make it easier to manipulate them. These tweezers are flexible enough to suit most techniques.

Great for gripping the smallest of eyelashes and applying it in the most awkward of places!

Straight-ended tweezers can be bought from for as little as £3 or up to £20 for better quality pairs.

Curved Tweezers

These have a curved edge, which are more commonly introduced to trainee lashers or beginners due to their lightness of motion which promotes ease of use and manipulation. Also made of stainless steel, they are useful for separating the natural lashes from the extensions, as well as applying both single and multiple-eyelashes

They can be purchased for between £10-20 and more for high quality brands.

Slanted Tweezers

These well-aligned, easy-to-hold tweezers are slanted at a slight angle to allow for extra precision when applying lashes, making it simple to achieve your desired result. They can be also used to apply a ‘wiggle technique, which involves gripping the lashes and ‘wiggling’ them along the natural lash, which will take a good deal of practical experience to master.


3D Volume Tweezers

These tweezers are dramatically curved at a 90 degree angle and usually close quite tightly. They are suitable for lashes with a thicker volume, from a 5D to a mega volume, as they will have a good grip and won’t miss out any lashes. These tweezers are better suited to more experienced lashers because of their angle and because they can be trickier to handle.

The best technique for those tweezers to work is the ‘Fan and Grab’ technique, which involves gripping the lashes and spreading them out into a ‘fan’-like arch.


Curved Tweezers

Angled at a curve of about 60 degrees, the non-magnetic,  anti-static tweezers close like a clamp on fine eyelashes to make them easier to manouvre.

An effective technique that can be used with these types of tweezers is the ‘rolling’ technique, which involves pressing the lashes down on the smooth curved end and rolling them from side to side to create a fan.

The tweezers contain a small spring to make them feel lighter-weight and to make them easier on handwork when technicians are working long days, as handling these can have an impact on hands and fingers. This new tweezer design is made from soft steel and can help ease this tension. Lash Harmony has now developed its own lightweight tweezers in its gold edition brand ‘Olympus’.