Tips to Heat Your Home and Save on Your Energy Bill

save on heating your homeFor many Brits, reaching for the thermals, hot water bottles and blankets are the preferred option over putting the heating on, a survey reveals.

More than three in ten Brits would rather add an extra layer than risk an increased heating bill over the coming winter months.

According to the survey, 16% of people are spending 10% of their monthly income just on heating their homes during winter. A third of people asked said that heating their home to an adequate level just to stay warm has just become unaffordable for them,

Emma Bridge, Chief Executive of Community Energy England, Emma Bridge, highlighted the health problems, such as cardiovascular illness, that can be faced when vulnerable people live in a cold home.

She said: “Solarplicity’s research shows that 40 percent of those surveyed said they had never spoken to a fuel poverty outreach worker to help with their heating issues but would be keen to seek help..

“It is important that vulnerable people don’t feel stigmatised about asking for help and that help is readily available locally.

So what help is available to keep your homes warmer so that you don’t feel like you have to live in an ice bucket this winter?

According to the survey, 48 percent of people wear more clothes, or put extra blankets and throws on beds to keep the heat in.

Non-Executive Director for Solarplicity, Austin Healey added: “Solarplicity’s mission is to tackle fuel poverty in the UK by guaranteeing a tariff that is cheaper than the ‘Big Six’ with no standing charges. We also plan to give away 1 million kwh of energy to those most in need.”

Here are some tips to help you with heating your home and saving on energy this winter:

Prevent Drafts

Draft excluders don’t need to be the sticky tape variety you buy at DIY stores – a simple blanket rolled up and laid across the bottom of each door can work just as well. Using excluders might involve a bit of effort, but is well worth it, as it can save you about £25 a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Hot Water Jackets

By covering your hot water tank with a 25mm-80mm jacket, you can prevent energy being lost, which will instead be drawn back into your home. According to the Energy Saving Trust, doing this will save £25-£30 per year.

Use a Small Hob for a Small Pan

When cooking, match the size of your saucepan to the size of the hob. Putting a small pan onto a large hob means that se of the heat from the gas will be wasted. Put a small saucepan on a small hob.

Remember to Unplug

It’s important not only to switch off at the sockets, but to take out plugs from sockets as well. A lot of heat energy can be wasted by leaving appliances, such as phone chargers and laptops plugged in. If you touch them and they feel warm, chances are that they are zapping some energy.

Take Gadgets Off Standby

Keep all electrical appliances turned off if not being used – this may include leaving appliances such as televisions left on standby – make sure they are fully turned off at the mains.

Turning your heating down by just one degree can save you as much as 10% in a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Don’t Overfill Kettles

Only fill kettles with as much water as you need to boil – filling a kettle to the top will only result in wasted energy and pennies.

And remember,,,

An important point to remember is that energy companies often change their rates and deals often, so it’s always worth finding out if you’re on the best tariff for you. A deal that worked out well for you 6 months ago could be beaten by a new deal by another provider, so check with your provider or visit a price comparison site.