Virtual Assistant and Content Writer, based in Essex

virtual assistant

Event Management, Admin and Content Writing


A virtual assistant here to take the workload off your event administration or assist with creating great content….         


B2B Event Management – onsite and offsite

Conferences, award ceremonies, networking, fundraisers, dinner functions

   As a virtual assistant, a lot of work can be done in the background to help with managing your next event. It can be highly  pressurising to manage an event and stay on top of it all. It takes all hands on deck to make it as successful as it can be. Even more  than this, there’s always extra tasks to do – not to mention unexpected hiccups.

   Sometimes a little extra help with sorting out last-minute details and managing delegates or speakers is useful. You’ll need an experienced professional  hired for those chaotic times to smooth over the edges and cut down the workload.virtual assistant

 Content Writing & Editing

 Specialising in event marketing copy, real estate and living abroad/corporate travel
 The story behind your business product, service or experience is EVERYTHING.

Whether selling a property, holiday or that new gadget, the way you get across your message needs to interest your readers and  give them a solution to their problem.

Help your customers relate to you by conjuring up certain feelings through your content, your brand, the unique service that can only come from your business. There are no shortcuts.                                                          

content writing