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I'm Emma, a virtual office assistant & copywriter.

Freelance tech, sustainability & career writer

Need a skilled professional to take on your heavy workload?

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I can help you:

Save time

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The dull, day-to-day admin stuff can take up a lot of your time and become a bit overwhelming at times.

Not to mention content writing, blog posts and social media management.

Plus, it can be hard to keep all the wheels turning when it’s you and a small team juggling all the plates!  Having a bit of extra support to get stuff done and develop a good working system can make a big difference.

Virtual office assistant services:

"Emma has been our go-to proofreader for the entire Tax and Estate Planning e-learning suite. She is quick, reliable and thorough. Thank you Emma, your help is much appreciated."
Beata Chan
Learning and Development Manager, Intelligent Partnership

Professional admin support to stop you tearing your hair out.

Let's Work Together!

Emma has delivered good work and has communicated very well. We've been pleased to work with her.
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