Admin and Event Management

Save time and money hiring an efficient and experienced virtual assistant to do the hard graft for you.

How do you save money by hiring a virtual assistant?

Simple. You only pay for the hours you need.

I can assist you with the tasks you need to help your business run effectively:


All those regular, mundane tasks that take up so much of your day.

Responding to emails, making phone calls, updating databases, sorting out invoices – the list goes on. Not to mention arranging appointments and keeping to a schedule.

As a virtual assistant, I will only charge for the hours I’ll be working for you.

Leaving you with the confidence to know your most urgent or mandatory tasks are being when you need them by,

✓ Data Entry

✓ Processing documents

✓ Managing Customer Queries

✓ Email Marketing and Management

and more….

                 Event Planning – B2B Conferences, Award Ceremonies and More…

The run-up to an event can get VERY busy and stressful, but with the right team on board, it doesn’t need to be.

A little extra help with managing delegate enquiries, compiling conference materials, organising last minute travel or accommodation, can make a lot of difference.

More than just a virtual assistant – I can provide on-site assistance – at your office or event venue, too.

As well as providing support as a virtual assistant, I can come to your office, too. Whether that’s for admin or logistical support, or to be there for the set-up and management of your event, I can be there.

Why a Virtual Assistant?

You may wonder about the benefits a virtual assistant can bring to you compared with hiring somebody to come and work in your office. Well…

Unlike a permanent member of staff who gets paid for their annual leave, sickness and other benefits, a virtual assistant is available to take on the tasks that you need to be completed – whether as a one-off or on a longer-term basis.

With remote working on the rise, a virtual assistant can make sense for your business to provide the services you need at a competitive rate and without having to pay for the cost of a working office.

For the times when nothing but a face-to-face meeting will do, it can be more cost-effective to source an office or hotel room as a one-off.

          Take time out to focus on pushing your business forward!