Case Study Series – How I Help

Case Study Series – How I Help

How I helped a logistics client

My client: A logistics business, buying and selling vintage furniture

What was needed:

Somebody to communicate with the drivers, organise which deliveries were going where; uploading new delivery requests to external websites; update customers

The Issue:

The business owner was spending a lot of time communicating with drivers, contacting auction houses and didn’t have the time he wanted to spend researching new products, investing in new stock and marketing the business. 

What I Do:

Communicate with drivers, organising which drivers can complete collections and deliveries; contact customers and auction houses to advise of pick-up dates; send invoices, update the central spreadsheet and provide daily updates for my client;

How I Helped

With me organising and booking all of the deliveries directly with drivers and offering flexibility to answer driver queries quickly, my client has more time to focus on growing his business. 

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